Jordyn being a team manager at UCLA (2014) pt. 2


Fierce Five Then and Now


The biggest bitchfaces in gymnastics…

Anonymous sent: I met McKayla Maroney at Coachella & she was really cool. Two of my friends & I got to talk to her along with other people we had just met. We were watching a DJ called Adventure Club & they were great. Mac kept trying to do a keek/vine. However with such a large crowd someone right in our vicinity farted & the smell was unbearable. Whats unsettling was that I was pretty sure it was McKayla bc she was standing right in front of me when the smell of the fart rose up. Still love Mac though!

It’s going really well until I reached the end. I shouldn’t be laughing but the humour.

with style and grace, kick ass and take names

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Mustamova for life dude. for fucking life. 

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Keep on spinning, Queen Yuna.


Keep on spinning, Queen Yuna.


You are like a spring day.


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